Freshbooks Client Reviews


10/10 "Great technical skills & pleasure to work with."
Alec Bozzo, Digital Media Producer - Sonic Boom, A Customer Experience Agency Inc. 

10/10 "Professional, Polite and Delivers. Pleasure to work with him."
Mike Rybinski, Producer/Director/Videographer - Spot Cinema Inc. 
10/10 "Paolo, you're the best! Thank you for all your hard work and generosity!"
Gloria Kim, Producer/Director 'Flamenco' - Gloryous Productions
10/10 "You are an absolute pleasure to work with! The requirements for sound on the project were definitely challenging and you were more than up to the task. Your attention to detail while capturing the best possible sound and calm professional demeanour were invaluable on set. Thanks Paolo!"
Simeon Taole, Director/Writer/Actor - Cinematoscape